What types of classes do you offer at these 2 studios?

At THE FIT IN on Marcus Garvey BLVD, we offer strength training in our STRONG & STRONGER classes. So you’d be working out with TRX Suspension Trainers, weights, and other fun toys along with your own body weight. We also offer mat pilates as well as an Afrobeats dance class called SHAKARA.

At our THE FIT IN: PILATES REFORMED studio, we offer our semi-private pilates apparatus classes. One of the few places in the city where you can take a journey through the pilates world of the reformer, tower, mat & chair in a group setting.


Wait, what Is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses on strengthening and lengthening the body. You strengthen your stabilizer muscles, ESPECIALLY your core, and lengthen your posture to stand taller and be stronger in your everyday activities.


Like Yoga?

Nope, not like yoga. It’s pilates.  


Whatever. Do I have to bring a Mat or anything?

Nope, we have everything you need. Just bring sneakers for the STRONG or STRONGER classes, and socks for the Pilates classes.


Well I’m new to all this. Do you have any classes for beginners and those easing into the fitness life?

All our classes are good for beginners aside from PILATES STRONG & PILATES REFORMED: JUMP which is advanced. In each class you go at your own pace. You have attentive instructors that focus on each person in the room due to the small class sizes. If the Pilates equipment scares you a bit or if you’re dealing with injury, the PILATES REFORMED: FUNDAMENTALS class is great for you.


Small class size?!?! How many people can fit in a class?

For PILATES REFORMED, it’s 4 people in a session. That’s why it’s semi-private. PILATES MAT is up to 10 people. Our STRONG & STRONGER Classes are up to 6.

How does the waitlist work if classes are full?

People can be added to the waitlist if they have a payment option in their account. People will automatically be added from the waitlist if a spot becomes available 12 hours before the class start time so it’s important they remove themselves from the waitlist if they’re no longer interested. Within the 12-hour cancellation window, they won’t be added in automatically. If spots open up within that time, people can leave the waitlist and add themselves into class directly. If you use all your payment options for other classes while on the waitlist, and you are added in, you will either be dropped from a future class or be charge for a single class.

Sounds like I’ll get sweaty, are there showers?

Our studios are small so no showers, but we do keep body wipes in our bathrooms for you to freshen up if you need to run out.


Oh did I mention, I’m newly pregnant and my friend just gave birth, do you have classes for us?

Yes, we have Pre/Postnatal PILATES REFORMED & STRONG classes on the schedule.


How do I sign up for classes?

You can visit our website to sign up directly. But I highly recommend downloading the Mindbody Online App as it makes it so easy to book us and add it right into your calendar. In the App you will have to find both studios separately.

Ok, What If I sign up for an account in person or through the app, how to I receive a password?

To create a password, visit to book. When you choose a class you’ll be sent to a login where you’ll click “Need New Password” and enter the email address attached to your account.

Ok, I went to go sign up but I saw there is no unlimited membership. Why not?

We feel it’s important for people to keep track of how many times you workout and how much you’re spending. So many times we sign up for “unlimiteds” and don’t actually reap the benefits. We end up paying more than we thought. So instead, we have our 30-Day Challenge Packs where you can go on average 3, 4, or 5x a week. You can also plan it around your life while not losing out.

I like to save! Speaking of save, what about ClassPass?

We aren’t on ClassPass and don’t plan to be on it in the near future. Our clients are regulars and we’re happy to have built a community. The community is what makes our studio special. We hold each other accountable and the support system is key to maintaining a routine.

Do you offer private sessions too?

We do! Some of our instructors have availability for Privates and they have their own rates. For Booking and Pricing, you can check out our pricing page.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Things happen. That’s why we offer a 12-hour cancellation Policy. This is to make sure our clients are courteous to each other by opening up spaces in enough time for their fellow family members to take class. The cancellation policy applies to moving class times as well. We will try to work with you but if classes are full then we have to penalize for the space that was taken up.

Ok what if I don’t want to cancel but I’m running late?

Generally late is ok, but it can be distracting to the instructor and classmates. So we ask that you be respectful to others. If you don’t arrive within 10 minutes of the class start time, we can’t allow you in and you won’t be able to receive your session back.

Why can’t I call you guys? Are you antisocial?

Quite the opposite. We have such an amazing family here but we are still a small operation. The instructors man the studio’s while they teach. When there are no classes in session, we are closed. The fastest way to get us is by email