Setting SMART Goals for 2019 / by ife Obi

Ife At The Wing

I’m a Capricorn, and there’s a reason our sign ends and starts the year. We are known to work “in the shadows.” Introverted only because we like to reflect on things we’ve done and things we want to do. We have high standards we’ve self-imposed. And us GOAT’s always $trive and prosper. In Capricorn season, everyone gets to benefit from this position of the earth and begin to develop their own goals for the new year based on the ups and downs of the last year.

For many years, I’ve had goals of “travel more”, “eat clean”, “read at least one book to the end”, “follow a budget”, etc. But it all felt so loose and generally unachievable because life happens, priorities change. I then realized I kept it loose on purpose. It was a personal strategy of keeping the goals vague so I wouldn’t have to commit to anything specific. Because once a Capricorn commits, then not accomplishing it is seen as nothing other than failure. So to avoid the agony we go through when we feel we have failed, I just dodged it so I wouldn’t let myself down.

This year, that changes. A big reason I need to change is because I need to organize my thoughts. I have no less than 3 things going on at once and instead of prioritizing, I tend to do it all leaving little self-care time. I wake up at 3am to jot things down that popped into my head, then i just stay up and do the work because I’m already up now.. So yes, I’ve been sick now for a month and a half…but I’m almost better!

Another reason is because as spontaneous as 2018 was for me, it was anxiety inducing. The CBD industry got all my money. Spontaneity is not a Capricorn trait. We like planning. We are pragmatic and LIVE for organization. So that said, I need 2019 to bring me some calm and some order. Growth is great and desired, but please Lord, let me see it coming.

In business, when goal setting, you always set them through the SMART approach. This way you lay out a blueprint that will make you successful at achieving what you set out for. I’m using the same application for my life. Here you can download an interactive PDF for your own SMART goals of 2019. And don’t be afraid to find that friend, family member, or mentor to help keep you accountable.